Program Topics

APTHC Bangkok 2124 March 2018


  1. Malaria an old disease in a brave new world
  • The brave new world of malaria (Nick White, UK)
  • Antimalarial Drug Resistance: A Threat to Malaria Elimination (Adrianus Dondorp, Netherlands)
  1. Vaccines back to the future
  • The history and future of vaccines (Andrew Pollard, UK)
  • Vaccine availability (Jerome Kim, IVI Korea)
  1. Arboviruses and Mosquitoes
  • Arboviral diseases in the Asia Pacific region (Annelies Wilder-Smith, Singapore)
  • Challenges and solutions for control of mosquito-borne diseases (Greg Devine, Australia)
  1. Where travel and tropical medicine converge
  • Travel and Tropical Medicine: 2 sides of the same coin (Eli Schwartz, Israel)
  • Travellers and global health (Marc Mendelson, Sth Africa)



  1. Neglected Tropical Diseases – Scabies (Andrew Steer, Australia), Melioidosis (Wirongrong Chierakul, Thailand ), Strongyloides (Priscilla Rupali, India)
  2. Gastrointestinal Diseases – Salmonellosis (Chusana Suankratay, Thailand), Viral gastroenteritis (Eyal Leshem, Israel), Management of diarrhoeal diseases in the Asia Pacific – trials and triumphs (Gagandeep “Cherry” Kang, India)
  3. Mycobacterial Infections – Tuberculosis in travellers (Marc Mendelson, South Africa), Nontuberculous Mycobacterial infections (Charoen Chuchottaworn, Thailand), Leprosy (Priya Joseph, India)
  4. Parasitic Diseases in the Asia Pacific region – Schistosomiasis (Don McManus, Australia), Liver Flukes (Yupaporn Wattanagoon, Thailand), Giardiasis (Michael Libman, Canada)
  5. The global problem of antimicrobial resistance – Patients, tourists and antimicrobial resistance (Lin Chen, USA), Humanitarian disasters and antimicrobial resistance (Tamar Lachish, Israel), Antimicrobial Resistance in the Asia Pacific region (Pattarachai Kiratisin, Siriraj Hospital, Thailand)
  6. Migration, Trafficking and Refugees – Migrants and Emerging Public Health Issues (Poh Lian Lim, Singapore), Migrant Health – an Asian Perspective (Masatoki Adachi, Japan), Refugee health and disease (Shidan Tosif, Australia)



  1. Rabies, Bites and Envenomings – David Warrell (UK)
  2. Paediatrics in the Tropics –Stefan Hagmann, USA & Pornthep Chanthavanich, Thailand
  3. Dengue – Usa Thisyakorn, Thailand & Inbal Fuchs, Israel
  4. Same Destination Different Advice – Moderator –Tony Gherardin   Panel:   Japan, Thailand, NZ/Aust, USA, Europe, China
  5. Special Populations of Travellers –Sarah McGuinness, Australia & Sarah Borwein, HK
  6. Marine Medicine –Thanasawat Chaiyakul, Thailand & Levina Pakasi, Indonesia)
  7. ABC Vaccines – Jonathan Cohen, Australia & Santanu Chatterjee, India
  8. ABC Malaria and Travellers Diarrhoea
  9. Travel Medicine Education and Resources – David Freedman, USA & Peter Leggat, Australia
  10. Destination Pacific Islands – Raju Ram, Fiji & Didier Musso, French Polynesia
  11. Destination Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam
  12. Quiz – Tropical Medicine – Moderator – Marc Shaw, NZ

Teams: Thailand, Aus/NZ, Nth America, Europe, Israel


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3 + late breaker


Meet The Professor


Lunch SymposiumVaccine Preventable Enteric Infections

Moderator – Mike Starr

Hep A – Robert Steffen

Hep E – Rakesh Aggarwal

Typhoid – Eli Schwartz



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